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BBQ & Salad Catering


BBQ & Salad Catering

Salad Catering



If you are not quite in the mood for a heavy, full-fledged barbeque, but still like to enjoy good quality food, don’t worry! BBQ & Salad Catering is what you need.

BBQ & Salad Catering a healthy BBQ

Your needs can be met without missing out on anything.  Get the same enjoyment out of a barbeque meal with BBQ & Salad Catering just like anyone else. Even when you’re watching your diet at the moment with our range of health choices.

We offer a host of light meals served with tantalizing salads and vegetable specialties.

You don’t have to limit yourself as our health choices provide the lighter side of the barbeque experience.

BBQ & Salad Catering ideas:

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We serve the broader Amsterdam area with our barbecue and catering services and we are willing to drive a bit further if you group is large enough.

Real Guacamole

Which list of healthy options wouldn’t be complete without this Latino classic? Already packed with fresh avocados and tomatoes, the added onions, chili and coriander will sing with health and you can always be generous with the squeeze of lemon juice on top. Guacamole is a healthy side dish and fits in any barbecue catering menu.

Barbeque Grilled Salmon

There is no better way to have a healthy, yet amazingly tasting barbeque option, than a beautiful salmon steak, grilled to perfection to retain all of its wonderful juices.

Served with a light drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and a good sprinkle of dill, you will enjoy a delicious seafood concoction with all the health benefits you are looking for. If your barbecue guests consist of health conscious crowd then this is a classic to include in your catering menu.

Nicoise Salad

This classic French salad just oozes with health. Carefully selected greens and French beans are accompanied by fresh tuna and anchovies in an egg and tomato base and smothered in extra virgin oil with plump olives. That’s healthy Mediterranean cuisine at its best!

Thai Coconut Chili Prawns

These classic barbeque prawns are not as hot as it may sound, the more coconut milk the lesser the heat.

Coconut milk is much lower in calories than yoghurt and is a perfect dairy substitute.

The dish is generously flavored with fresh lemongrass, ginger and galangal, the more the better.

The true zesty champignon of the barbeque and healthy all the way!

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