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Breakfast and Brunch Catering in Amsterdam

You might plan an early morning meeting for and your staff or guests might come from far away. Maybe tit time for a celebration and your plan a company brunch with all colleagues sharing treats of good food.

Prices breakfast catering

Is your breakfast catering only about ‘coffee and croissant’ or are you thinking about serving your guests a ‘full continental’ breakfast? Depending on amount of guests and menu our breakfast catering service will range from € 10, – to € 25, – per person. For a custom quote fill out te form or write an e-mail to Job.

Healthy or sweet breakfast and brunch catering options?

As the 1st meal of the day should give you energy for the most productive hours we are happy to create one with tasteful and healthy good food options. Do you prefer to spoil your guests with sweat treats during breakfast or brunch? No problem we’ll provide those and serve them with a smile.

Breakfast and brunch catering menu’s

See our breakfast and brunch catering menu examples  here below. Feel invited to mix menu items from different breakfast and brunch menu’s to create your own special breakfast or brunch menu. It’s our goal to give you and your guests a fresh and energetic start of the day


  1. Coming Friday I will need to order breakfast and lunch for 52 people.

    I will need a light breakfast (yoghurt/cereals/fruit/sandwiches )@9.00am
    Lunch (salads and sandwiches) @ 12.00

    I am not sure if it is possible to order coffee with you as well. If so, that would be great.
    I also need refreshment drinks (water and soda) for the whole day for 52 people. Not sure if can order this with you as well?

  2. Hello,

    I am currently looking for someone that can provide my company with catering of foods and drinks for a breakfast for 70 people I am organising.

    The breakfast will take place on the 30th of November 2016 and I need:

    1 orange iced 30 cm x 30 cm cake. With the message “Welcome to your new office” and the facebook “Like” button on the top.

    5 sliced white breads
    5 sliced brown breads
    60 Croissants
    30 Pistolet Bread
    30 bagels
    30 Cupcakes
    Selection of 40 Danish Pastries
    70 Fruit Skewers
    35 Cheese Skewers
    4 different types of spread- 30 small packages of each
    8 litres of orange juice
    4 litres of juice (any different than orange)
    Meat platter
    Cheese Platter

    Could you please give me a quote for the above, and based on your experience indicate if the quantities are realistic for 35 people.
    In case there is one or more items you cannot provide, please indicate so and send me the quote for what you are able to offer.

    Thanks in advance!


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