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Catering Quiches in Amsterdam

Quiche options as snack or main for Brown-Paper-Bag


Above mini quiche (7,5 cm) packed in a brown food box

Lukewarm mini or large sized Quiche flavours:

  • Quiche Ratatouille
  • Quiche Lorainne (with diced bacon)
  • Quiche Mozzarella-Tomato
  • Quiche Salmon

Quiches large 11 cm

In the image above you see the ‘large’ 11 cm vegetarian ‘Ratatouille’ quiches

Quiches in lunch bags or snack bags are handed out separately from the cold items in a biodegradable box.

Quiche_packed crudite box

Above picture is a closed food box for 7,5 cm quiches same box is used for the crudité-box which combines very well with the quiches

Quiche sizes and lunch combo options

We baked both quiches who serve as a filling main course as smaller quiches which can be comnined with a soup.

  • Diameter 7.5 cm and 3,5 cm high is good for lunch if combined with soup, wrap or filling / hearty salad- Price per piece € 4,75 (ex VAT)
  • Diameter 11 cm and 3.5 cm high is filling as main lunch course and can be completed with a green side salad or crudité snack box . Quiche Price per piece € 6,50 (ex VAT)

More warm lunch options


Salades & Quiches

In the mood for a warm lunch? Tired of the standard Dutch bread based lunch catering? Something different than just a sandwich? Lunch guests from abroad? Make your own combination of soup, salad and quiche for a different lunch ! Click here for a list of options.

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  1. Please quote us for 50 dinner boxes for March 2nd to be delivered on Keizersgracht 264 in Amsterdam

    -1 x vegetarian option
    – 1 “normal” option
    – With juice and dessert

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