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Sandwich Catering

Sandwiche catering Amsterdam

Lunch sandwiches

The Bread we use

We offer exciting and modern sandwich alternatives to the standard catering with ‘belegde broodjes’. The standard bread we use in our catering is specially baked at the traditional Iambe bakery. This bakery is part of the Raphael foundation, a foundation which operates a variety of workshops for young people with special needs.

The bread is made with organic flour, produced by non-intensive farming practices. The flour is milled at the traditional Roode Hert windmill. This mill runs predominantly on natural wind power. Our sandwiches are available in both white and wholemeal bread.

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  1. Hi,
    Please can you advise if you are able to quote for providing tea/coffee and cake for coffee breaks for 5 days and then maybe an afternoon tea about 4pm for 10-15 people. We will be located in Amstelveenseweg.
    Do you also hire champagne glasses?
    Many Thanks

  2. I have a request for our client for 22/09 at 23:30, if it will be possible to arrange 68 lunch boxes, each included: 2 sandwiches (ham/chees and salmon), salad, fruit and mineral water. They will arrive to the hotel and ask to leave the lunch boxes at the reception

    Would appreciate your soonest answer.

  3. Dear Sirs,

    I have a request for catering on 20th and 21st of August for 25 PAX:

    The group has 2 days meetings at their office in Amsterdam. They would like to order 2 full days catering:

    They would need 2-3 waiters
    2 coffee-breaks per day
    Snacks during the day: canapé, cheese, nuts, fruits, berries, juices, soft drinks.
    White table closes
    Lunch they would order themselves, but they would need waiters to serve it.

    Please inform me about the rates for.

    I remain at your disposal for further information.

    Have a good day!

  4. We have a company of around 150 employees and we are currently searching for catering options for our new office in Amsterdam.

    We would like to have service for our employees between 12 and 2:30, providing sandwiches and other lunch options. Depending on the conditions we may also be interested in a wider time frame, including snacks, fruit and smoothies.
    What options do you have available and what are the prices please?
    We do not have the facilities for you to prepare food at our office so the food would have to be ready made

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