Catering of hot appetizers is most suitable for the Amsterdam rainy and cold days we are so accustomed with . Our hot appetizers warm your guests as well as the party atmosphere.

If the objective of your event is to provide hot appetizers that are filling and satisfying, we recommend choosing from our warm appetizer and canape /snack assortment. We can easily adjust the sizes of the appetizers in collaboration with you to suit your needs or plans.

We call this ‘from reception to walking dinner’ we serve then small dishes (hot and cold) that exceed the size of appetizers, but are more complete dishes, yet comfortable for your guests to consume while standing and converse with other guests.

Catering quote for warm appetizers and canapes

Every catering event is a customized affair and depends on your proposed objective. This is the exact reason why we prefer to make customized catering proposals.

A customized catering proposal takes a little time to make, so if you like to see some of the appetizers we make on a regular basis, check the list below.

Vegetarian warm appetizers

  • Dutch vegetable tempura with spicy Chinese mustard sauce
  • Deep fried ‘Brabant’ asparagus with soya dip sauce
  • Italian frittata with sundried tomato and olive tapenade
  • Mini quiche with half sundried tomatoes and goat cheese
  • Puff pastry tartlet with forest mushrooms, chopped chives and truffle oil
  • Deep fried green asparagus with sea salt and Aioli
  • Goat cheese stuffed half baked potato with pickled mango
  • Millefeuille tartlet with red onion confit and half sundried tomatoes, served with sea salt and balsamic vinegar
  • Indian Samosas served with mint yoghurt raita
  • Grilled vegetable skewers with pesto dip sauce
  • Sweet potato tower with grilled bell pepper, zucchini and eggplant

Warm seafood appetizers

  • Zucchini beignet with smoked salmon, basil and sweet and sour tomato sauce
  • Thai fish cakes with sweet and sour plum sauce
  • Moroccan flavored swordfish skewers
  • Grilled teriyaki salmon on bamboo skewers with soya dip sauce
  • Sardine- bell pepper stuffed Empanadilles

Feel free to ask us for customized appetizer menus and catering quotations.

Hot  meat appetizers

  • Thai style chicken with ginger ball and green curry sauce
  • Mini burger with cheese on French bread with artisanal made ketchup
  • Chicken sate with peanut sauce and French bread
  • Crispy potato slices topped with grilled beef tenderloin and Béarnaise sauce
  • Asian marinated chicken on lemon grass skewers
  • Mini Focaccia bun with mini chicken fillet burger, homemade mayonnaise and crispy salad
  • North African flavored beef with crisp iceberg salad and chili sauce served in a liquor glass
  • Lamb meat balls with cumin in tomato sauce
  • Northern African ‘Kebab style’ meat skewers with tahini and fresh herbs
  • Moroccan ‘Bistilla’ packets with chicken, almonds, and cinnamon
  • Asian chicken skewers with a soya lime dressing
  • ‘Wijderijck’ Organic ‘Bitterballs’

To serve hot appetizers or small walking dinner dishes we ideally need an oven and/or a deep fryer and we like to know what is possible or not at your location.

Request a quote for warm appetizers and party catering in Amsterrdam now!

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