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BBQ Dinner Catering in Amsterdam

BBQ Dinner

BBQ Dinner


Barbeques are all about eating, an experience best shared with others.

We, the chefs who provide BBQ Dinner Catering, have taken this idea to its full potential by offering our Dinner style menu which includes a barbecue style catering buffet.

Start sitting dinner style and switch to barbecue buffet

Once comfortably seated we will serve you with a delectable starter of your choice to enjoy at your table, in addition we offer an equally delicious second starter or perhaps one of our home-made soups if you prefer.

Then it is time to feast on our buffet. We invite you to join your fellow diners and accompany each other to the barbeque where you can chat together and discuss which main dishes you like to try from the buffet.

A great way to meet people and to share different eating ideas, on top you get to enjoy fantastic food. A win win deal that you can’t lose.

BBQ catering cold starter options

Here are a few starter ideas to get you in the BBQ mood; the rest of the evening is entirely up to you!

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Mixed Bean Salad

Salads don’t have to be boring. They don’t even have to be local as the best salads and starters get perfected around the world. How about this Mexican inspired mixed bean offering?

A carefully chosen combination of white beans, kidney beans and refried beans (frijoles refritos) will immediately have your taste buds popping to the sound of Latin music.

Add some freshly prepared cherry tomato and cucumber salad, a good sprinkle of coriander and we’ll top it off with some top quality Balsamic vinegar.

Cold Cuts

cold cuts

Meat lovers won’t fail to be pleased with our cold cut platter. We bring you a fine selection of sliced Italian hams. Parma ham and Prosciutto are sure to have you preparing notes on the way to the buffet.

Chilled Gazpacho Soup

This king of refreshing soups is a perfectly blended vegetarian soup, served chilled to retain that punch of freshness and flavor. Carefully selected tomatoes and cucumber are blended together and combine in this wonderful Spanish concoction that is perfect for keeping cool on a hot night.

If you’ve never tried it before, we recommend you to do so.

French Onion Soup

This typical French classic never fails to bring out the best in onions and never lacks in flavor. We offer you this Gallic treasure that will surely put you in the mood to head straight for the buffet and enjoy more of the same.

After you enjoyed your starter, we will invite you to the BBQ where you can choose from one of the following delicacies.

Simply the best!

How about a juicy steak, seared and cooked to perfection? Simply choose how you prefer your beef, pork or veal.

It doesn’t get much better than that, so no more talking!

Let’s baste the beast with any extra you like!

Grilled Lamb Middle Eastern style!

BBQ Dinner

Grilled Lamb Skewers

Choose your favorite cutlet of lamb and have it marinated in Middle Eastern spices encapsulating the sultry warm summer nights spent around a campfire.

Match to perfection with a couscous salad, stuffed vine leaves and minted yoghurt or a rosemary coulis

Can you spare some ribs?

All true meat lovers have a liking for spare ribs. The irresistible roasting of suckling pig can lovingly be recreated on our grill.

What combines better with those ribs or succulent crunchy crackling flanks of pork than our sweet, sticky and truly lip-smacking BBQ sauce?

Merge these ribs with an offering of  classic Waldorf Salad with that true apple and celery taste!

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Bon Appetite!  


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