Corporate catering needed for a festive opening of the new season? Celebrating of the new year with a standing evening reception? Catering needed for an office opening party with a special cocktail catering service?

Corporate catering party & cocktail and drinks reception

When planning a formal and festive welcome with a drinks reception you want to be able to trust the catering company that your expectations are met and that your guest have a relaxed and entertaining time. We’ll cater your drinks with and present you with a ranges of properly chilled wines, beers, sodas and juices all served by friendly waiting staff in the appropriate glassware. We will ask you about ‘who is coming’ and match the audience with delicious appetizers and drinks that match. Do you have any challenging requirements?
Are you in the need for creative ideas or a special cocktail catering service to spice up cocktail party? Get in touch via our quote form, email us or call Job Smulders at +31 (0)6-24593128

Evening drinks reception catering

When planning an evening drinks reception in Amsterdam be aware that the Dutch often have their lunch around 12:00 and are starting to ‘get hungry’ in the late afternoon. In the most basic version of your evening reception some nibbles should be served. To avoid that your guests leave to soon we would recommend a selection of cold canapes and warm snacks/appetizers. Tell us who you are expecting and we’ll assure that the ‘reception plan and menu and approach’ assure to get exactly that evening reception which you have in mind.

Catering standing reception with ‘walking dinner’

If you are planning a drinks reception that takes place around dinner time, or you expect it will be too late for the guests to eat at home, you can let the reception pass into a walking dinner. Regardless of whether you want to serve ‘nibbles’ or ‘small bites’, we are mainly interested in the question whether you want to postpone the meal or if the food served has to replace the meal. Proceed here for buffet dinner options or contact us to explain your reception planning and wishes for advice and/or a catering quote.

Searching for a reception venue in historic part of Amsterdam?

Are you looking for a historic reception venue like an Amsterdam church or a more modern venue like the Amsterdam City Hall (Stopera) in honor of a wedding or a visit by delegation to Amsterdam? Prefer to be on a boat or tall ship?Ask us for advice and let us help you .

Ask us for ideas, advice, catering venues and a catering offer to take care of your event in Amsterdam.

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