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Crew catering for movie, TV and theater shows

Crews at movie shoots and shoots for TV productions work long hours and the days are often stressful and exhausting.
Producers need to keep the crew satisfied, but are also destined to work within a budget. We know how to keep the crew happy on long days of shooting movies where breakfast, lunch, teatime and dinner are moments to reflect and relax. Well taken care of catering provides for that.

Nourishing and healthy Amsterdam crew catering

The food must be nourishing and tasty, but most of all it must keep the crew going for long periods of time.

Zing Food catering for film crews focuses on creating a fresh ‘get up and go!’ energy for the crew members, allowing them to continue work with a revitalized feeling.
Homemade comfort food prepared with healthy ingredients that are easy to digest. Extra shots of health for those who need it.

Crew catering that matches your budget

Our film crew catering is designed to assist in making your production successful, within your budget and at any location around Amsterdam or othe rparts of the Netherlands.

Crew catering quotation

Contact us for a film, tv, theater or other crew catering quotation request at: job@zingfood.nl

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