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Drinks Reception Cocktail Catering Amsterdam

Good appetizers and canapes should be matched with good drinks, well prepared cocktails  and catering service by friendly waiting staff. It doesn’t matter if you are planning  or corporate cocktail and drinks reception, an Amsterdam wedding reception or an informal company drinks evening for your team to celebrate a new project. You just want your catering company to understand your needs and deliver  according to them.

Your drinks reception or party catering in Amsterdam must be well organized with chilled drinks, canapes or nibbles appropriate to the occasion. Check our appetizers and canapes catering pages for more details about what to serve with your drinks.

Catering costs of a ‘Standing Drinks Reception’ in Amsterdam

Depending on what exactly your needs are in terms of catering for drinks, appetizers, catering-staff, the duration of the reception and use of materials the costs will vary. Most catering for a standing reception have costs between € 15 and € 30, – per person. The larger the group, the lower will be the cost per guest. Request a custom catering quote for your standing reception or office party.

Friendly waiting staff

Welcoming, discreet and professional waiting and event staff is what we strive to bring you. Our waiters can dress up in your costume or stay invisible in the background. If the occasion is a new beginning, a reached milestone, the closure of an episode or a farewell event, we organize your Amsterdam reception catering with an offering that suits the purpose of the event.

Three elements of a successful party or reception catering

Our ability to make delicious canapes and appetizers, creating a good wine list, original cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages combined with a crew of friendly and welcoming catering staff ensures a successful coacktail party or reception. Food, drinks and friendly staff  all together and well organized can make a good party.

Drinks-reception catering Amsterdam style

You’re a proud of living in Amsterdam and you want to give your guests, local or foreign, a taste of what culinary Amsterdam has to offer.

We have selected, only for customers with ‘Amsterdam pride’ a special party/reception assortment with drinks like ‘Amsterdam’ beer, ‘Amsterdam Gin’ (jenever), ‘Amsterdam liqueurs’ and the ‘Amsterdam -Beemster’ apple juice.

Combine those drinks with our selection of Amsterdam snacks and canapes like nibbles of ‘Old Amsterdam Cheese’ or the more special cheese called ‘Skeapsrond’ from a local farm in Dikhoeve. For those who like the Italian cured meats we could serve the ‘salami style’ selection of the Amsterdam cured meats producer called Brandt & Levie.

Organic drinks catering

Nowadays even the average liqueur store has good organic produced wines on the shelf so there are no more excuse to celebrate a party without organic beverages.

Various brands of organic ‘Prosecco’ are available. Agreed, there is a small surcharge for organic produced orange juice, but negligible in the total budget of a party catering.

In combination with our organic appetizers and canapes, you can rest assured to have a memorable and green event.

For a quick check what the budget your organic catering will be, fill out the catering quote form

Appetizers for your Amsterdam drinks catering

A party without good food items is unthinkable. Whether you would like to serve canapés, amuses, nibbles or hors d’oeuvres we’ll create you a custom menu.

All food items are prepared in our kitchen and arranged on serving trays, ready for transport. If space is available we’ll do the finishing touch on your location, just before serving.

You will find the various options available, seafood, meat and vegetarian, on our appetizers and canapes pages.

Office Openings

When you move to a new office, launch a new business, move into a new building or and you invite existing and potential customers to celebrate the occasion, let us know your plans, what the objectives are and we will work with you to achieve a wonderful opening party.

Party for shop/store opening

Is your brand ‘new’in the Netherlands and are you setting up a 1st shop or maybe opening a flagship store for a retail chain? Let us organize the catering for your grand opening!

Celebrate loyal employees

Employees who are attached to one and the same company for a long period of time are a rare find these days. We believe that, in today’s job –hopping culture this rare loyalty should be celebrated and we do so with a deserved dedication.

We encourage the jubilee to choose what we serve on this special day. Obvious we keep your catering budget in mind and organize the event such that it encourages loyalty to the guests as well.

Farewell party

One door closes for one and a new one opens for another. If you feel sad or you are relieved with the departure of a colleague, you will still give the individual a deserved farewell. Our catering service will definitely ensure that all involved will have a good feeling after the event.

Amsterdam ‘floating’ party event

Combining a reception with a boat tour through the Amsterdam canals or harbors is a choice we frequently experience. Even though many boat tour operators offer catering services via preferred catering partners, many also allow outside caterers.

Our catering crew is equipped with strong sea-legs and sail on a regular basis as guest caterers.  If the journey takes a little longer, we expand the reception to a buffet or even a BBQ on the open deck.

Garden party catering

Organizing a reception in the open air creates extraoptions.

A nice large open bar or an additional BBQ with vegetable skewers and chicken sate are just a few ideas. Don’t have a garden large enough for your party? Don’t worry we’ll move your party to the Amsterdam Vondelpark or to the Sarphatipark in De Pijp

New Year’s drinks and reception catering

Wishing friends and associates a Happy New Year is more enjoyable with a celebrative toast. Whether the glass is filled with a joyous ‘Prosecco Violette Frizzante’ or a luxurious ‘Moet Chandon’ is secondary to us. We serve an appropriate canape with every glass of bubbles with a smile that will make your guests happy for the rest of the year.

Reception and party catering costs and budgets

To budget a catering event is always difficult, but surely you want to know the cost.

Obviously there are many variables. The level of simplicity or complexities of menus play a role, the location and distance of the venue are important, is the location in Amsterdam or anywhere else in the country.

The requiered service level during your catering event results into a specific number of staff needed. The size and routes of the location also plays an important part as is the location itself: is it fully equipped or are additional rented materials needed?

To get a detailed indication about cost of your Amsterdam reception catering event fill out the catering quote request form.

Reception and party catering rentals

Depending on the theme of your event, we will select in association with you the additional equipment needed to rent from a Amsterdam based party rental company.

There are many choices available, classic, contemporary, clean modern, plus a wide variety of furniture colors.

Just let us know the theme of the night or event and we will help you selecting the suitable furniture and accompanying equipment needed.




  1. Hello!

    We’re interested in your catering service for our wedding party, which will take place on July 12, 2015 (Sunday) at Leeuwendaal B&B (Oosterweg 16-E, 1481 AN Purmer). It will be an outdoor party. We are interested in buffet dinner (we were thinking about Italian cuisine) with cold and hot dishes for 40 guests. As well as this, we would like you to serve the wedding cake and prosecco that we will provide. We were planning to start with cake and prosecco (4 p.m. – 5 p.m.) and then have a dinner, starting approximately at 5:30-6 p.m.

    Unfortunately we are not in Netherlands at the moment, that’s why we would like to arrange everything by e-mail.

    Could you please tell me more about your buffet options and give me an approximate quote for the food, service, staff etc?


  2. Dear Zing,

    This is quite a last-minute request but we’re looking for a catering to set up at our 15th annual Halloween party, at Panama Amsterdam on 31 October.

    We are ‘Amsterdam Spook’ and the theme of our party is MONSTER BASH. It’s an ode to the 50s, 60s and old-school monster films / creature features.

    We have different themed rooms, one of which is the ROADKILL DINER, and in that space we would like to serve a few bits of old-school American Diner foods for our guests between 23:00 and 04:00.

    We’d like to limit the catering to a few items: Toasties (grilled cheese), veggie hot dogs with traditional toppings like ketchup, mustard and relish and non-veggie organic hotdogs. Served in red diner baskets, plus a pickle and potato chips. As you can see we have quite a specific idea about it! 🙂

    Not everyone will eat, but based on past events we estimate 400 baskets, and if you keep the price around 5 euros or less, even more. The venue would provide a table and electricity, you can sell free of charge and keep all profits.

    Let me know if this sounds like an event you would be up for catering!

    We are happy to work with you to ensure the evening is a fun and profitable one. I hope to hear from you, and let me know if you have further questions!

    Kind regards,

    Amsterdam Spook

  3. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I represent a Video Game Publishing company. We’ll be throwing a press event on a large boat in Amsterdam on March the 3rd, where they’ll be 30 people present. The boat has a rather large and decently equipped kitchen, which is located in the same room as we’ll be using to entertain everyone. Hopefully this should make it easier for the serving staff, as they wouldn’t have to travel far whilst carrying anything.

    The event will start around 3PM and will go-on until 11PM. We would like to offer our industry guest small food and snack throughout the day, and have the quote include alcohol and drinks as well.

    I would really appreciated if you could please provide me with a quote for this event, and what it would include.

    Thank you very much in advance, I really look forward to hearing back from you on this. Take care, and I hope that you have yourself a wonderful day over there.



  4. We are planning a birthday reception for family possibly including a few children. It will take place on Sunday 26 June from 14:00 to 20:00. It should include a variety of hapjes and/or tapas-sized finger food. Coffee (even as people arrive) and dessert should also be available after 16:30 as guests may be leaving even as others arrive. Other than the coffee, we will arrange for the drinks although we would also like to rent glassware, plates and linen as necessary. Before coming to a final arrangement we would like the opportunity to see actual examples of some of the hapjes.

  5. We are organizing an opening party at our hotel, and we would like to know better your services, products and availability.

    We are going to have 20 to 25 guests, on Thursday, the 26 May, from around 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm,

    We wish to know your budget proposition for the appetizers menu + drinks. Also, we would like to rent tables, cups, and all the service material needed to set the party on. Please tell us also the price of the with waitress / no waitress service.

    Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information

  6. I am planning to host a birthday party at home for my wife. As suggested by you, maybe i can engage a catering Chef who can help me here. I am basically looking for the chef to bring all the food and do the final preparation here and serve on the table. The kind of food should be modern, attractive and of course delicious. Examples of food we can select are: BBQ skewers, Posh gourmet finger food, Appetizers. The chef should bring some cutlery or serving dishes for these food items.

    I expect 60 guests. I would like to know the price quotation if i select 10 food items from the menu. So, the Chef and bring the food, and arrange on the dining table. If you would like to actually send me the list of all 10 items to come to a final quotation, let me know. But, i expect to give me a tentative quotation so that i can decide if this is a feasible idea.

    Thanks a lot.

  7. Hi, wanted to ask for a quote for an important event we are having at our home for around 60 guests and would like to talk to someone about catering of drinks and appetizer ideas as to what we could prepare, budget and such.
    We live on Keizersgratch Amsterdam.
    Please get back to me when you can. Thanks

  8. I am organizing a wedding party just outside Amsterdam at the end of May or beginning of June, date not yet made. There are about 125 guest invited. The food has to be ‘halal’ an without pork ingredients
    I have a few questions on the cost of the items below:
    Finger foods:
    -deviled eggs
    -mini quiches
    -stuffed celery (vegetarian)
    -tiny tacos (beef filling)
    -crab cakes
    -pizza cupcakes
    -lasagna cupcakes
    -cheese sandwiches
    This was my idea I am open to suggestions!

  9. We moved to a new office and would like to celebrate it with an Office Warming Party on 15th June, doors open at 18:00, official start at 19:00, end around 22:00 in Amsterdam. We have a small kitchen with microwave but no oven. Could you please make an catering offer for a walking dinner ‘Menu 2 Walking Dinner Frans – Mediterraans’ for100 persons as well as soft drinks, beer and wine, standing tables and personnel

  10. We have an event coming up the 7th June in Amsterdam and we are expecting 120 people. We therefore need a drink catering with all sorts of drinks (water, soft d reinks, beer, wine and cocktails if possible). The event is from 19:00 until 22:00. Could you offer us something for these requirements?

  11. As discussed I am pulling together costs for a blogger party for an American client.  The venue or date isn’t confirmed yet, but likely to be either 7th or 8th July.  I was wondering if you could please quote on 50-100 guests at a party that will run from 7pm-12am.  We’d look to offer substantial ‘fun’ canapés and perhaps a couple of themed desserts, plus 2 x cocktails and wine and beer

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