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Fire Grilled Food

Ever since our first ancestors learned to make fire and cook their food, it has been in our blood to enjoy making a fire for mealtimes. Continue this ritual with our barbeque catering services, get a fire going and experience barbequed food in your park, garden or parking lot.

BBQ catering pricing

On all event were we deliver a catering service we do our best to match your budget. With that said we do of course need a minimum amount of guest to start a fire . Depending on the BBQ menu the amount of extra’s like salads and sauces and how exotic you want it we could say that most BBQ’s are have a price range of €25,- to €50,- per person. Request a quote here for your barbecue party!

Our BBQ catering concepts and menus

Although we prefer to create a special barbeque menu for your event or occasion you can browse a few of our concept and menu options to see what we could possible offer you. Off course we would welcome your suggestions and your wish list of meats, fishes, sauces, marinades and salads.

  • The hard core carnivore BBQ catering
  • The diner-style BBQ catering
  • BBQ for kids
  • BBQ for vegetarians
  • Low Budget BBQ catering
  • The 100 % Organic BBQ catering
  • The DIY active BBQ catering service


Amsterdam office or garden BBQ catering


Not too much space for your barbecue party? Just a small garden, boardwalk or office patio? A large rooftop terrace or only a parking lot or Herengracht balcony? Don’t worry we have a BBQ solution that fits any Amsterdam office situation. Tell us about your space and we’ll fit in the right barbecue service. Read more via this link about BBQ catering for Amsterdam offices


The magic of BBQ before catering existed

In the old days, whole communities would come together to keep warm while sharing food and stories, dosing flames provided protection for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Today there is still no better way to entertain. Enjoy a gathering with family and friends or your company’s annual get -together and share the most ancient form of dinner we have ever known; barbeque.


More than just a BBQ catering dinner

From the freshness of the days treasure after hunting, we look forward to that tantalizing taste of flame grilled meat, seared to perfection over hot coals, accompanied by grilled vegetables and enjoyed by the company of family, friends or colleagues.

The barbeque catering experience can be so much more than just the center of the dinner place, exotic or other much loved marinades can be added to make every barbeque meal a different taste experience every time.

Why not sit back and relax with your wonderful company and let the BBQ bring you all the best that cooking can offer. A mouth-watering array of sauces and marinades will truly make your dinner, styled the way as we inherited open fire cooking from our ancestors, a dining experience to remember.

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