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Classic Amsterdam BBQ catering for Hard Core Carnivores


Classic Amsterdam BBQ

BBQ Meat for Meat Lovers

Classic Amsterdam BBQ catering has a wide variety of options available, we deliver our barbeque catering within the whole Amsterdam region. From succulent steaks sizzling their way to your plate, oozing with their mouth- watering juices to delicious tender lamb cutlets marinated with mint and rosemary. Just thinking of these BBQ catering classics will have meat lovers longing for more.

Classic Amsterdam BBQ catering is the best experience

A taste sensation that cannot be beaten as we bring you the most enjoyable dining experience coupled with the provocative allure of famous barbeque aromas.

Prepare yourself to the thought of tender steaks, chops and cutlets melting in your mouth. Our quality meats, when seared to perfection, will trigger your taste buds to the core and are presented with an array of classic drizzling sauces.

Forget about silver service, this quality BBQ food will have you stretching over the table ready to pounce on your favorite chunk of meat as you enjoy the fundamental experience of grilled meat carnivore style to to the full.

Classic Amsterdam BBQ catering for meat lovers and BBQ fanatics

Choose a gastronomic feast that pleases all meat lovers, to more light and surprising cuts of lamb and chicken treats as you stroll through our combinations of mouth-watering menu offers.

Select from our many side dishes and salads to complete a delightful dining experience or just ask us to make the perfect combination for you.

Time to abandon those table manners; this is a feast for the beast.

 BBQ catering Carnivore menus

 Menu option 1

Simply the best!

How about a juicy steak, seared and cooked to perfection? Simply choose how you prefer your beef, pork or veal.

It doesn’t get much better than that, so no more talking!

Let’s baste the beast with any extra you like!

Menu option 2

Grilled Lamb Middle Eastern style!

Choose your favorite cutlet of lamb and have it marinated in Middle Eastern spices encapsulating the sultry warm summer nights spent around a campfire.

Match to perfection with a couscous salad, stuffed vine leaves and minted yoghurt or a rosemary coulis

Menu option 3

Can you spare some ribs?

All true meat lovers have a liking for spare ribs. The irresistible roasting of suckling pig can lovingly be recreated on our grill.

What combines better with those ribs or succulent crunchy crackling flanks of pork than our sweet, sticky and truly lip-smacking BBQ sauce?

Merge these ribs with an offering of classic Waldorf Salad with that true apple and celery taste!

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