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Our selection of cold canapes and catering appetizers or ‘hapjes’ as we call them will please you and your guests at any reception or party. Our canapes are fully completed in our Amsterdam kitchen. We than transport them in thermal ‘flight cases’ to the desired Amsterdam location and are ‘ready to serve’ just by taking of the wrap. of your choice.

Ready to serve canapes and appetizers

At the last minute you un-wrap the platters and serve, a method that allows us to cater for receptions and events with no available back up kitchen.

Open air receptions, birthday parties in the Vondelpark, picnics or a catering on a canal tour through Amsterdam are well suited for our ready to serve cold appetizers.

Our cold appetizers and canapes are also available for ‘at home catering’ in the ‘Greater Amsterdam area’.

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Inform us about the nature of your party or event

Objectives of events differ, if you provide us with a little information about yours, we will be pleased to make a catering proposal that suits your event.

Meanwhile you can check the listed vegetarian, seafood and meat appetizers and canapes below.

Cold vegetarian appetizers /canapes

  • Eggplant Sushi with dried tomato tapenade on a spoon
  • Fried rice patty with spicy sambal mayonnaise
  • Lollipop of artisanal made Parmesan puff pastry cracker with marinated mushrooms and Spanish peppers
  • Vegetable frittata with humus and black olives
  • Grilled eggplant rolls, roasted bell pepper, zucchini and basil
  • Grilled halloumi cheese with roasted pumpkin crème
  • Fresh herb blini with avocado coriander crème
  • Marinated Caprese skewer with Mozzarella, tomato and basil leaves
  • Spinach and ricotta tortellini skewer with spicy tomato dip
  • Goat cheese stuffed dates with pistachios
  • Marinated Shi-Take sushi
  • Ricotta flan with green herbs and zucchini
  • Lollipop of grilled zucchini stuffed with arugula tapenade
  • Crostini layered with Roquefort mousse and celery

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Cold seafood appetizers/canapes

  • Skewer with two black tiger prawns, the prawns are marinated in white wine and garlic and skewered with tomato
  • Surf & Turf scallops with fried Chorizo
  • Tuna balls with Wasabi mayonnaise
  • Crepe lollipop with wild Alaskan salmon and horseradish crème fraiche
  • Mejillones and vinagreta boiled mussels, marinated in olive oil and wine vinegar & herbs, served in the shell
  • Sea bass and avocado salsa in a spoon
  • Dutch shrimp cocktail served in a ‘Jenever’ glass
  • Smoked wild salmon roll with lime cream cheese
  • Zucchini crepes with Alaskan salmon and lemon cream cheese

Is your mouth already watering? Ask then immediately our catering quotations for your event in Amsterdam with cold appetizers.

Meat appetizers/canapes (cold &warm)

  • With pickled ginger skewered tenderloin
  • Hamburger skewers with ‘Amsterdam’ pickles
  • Lamb sausages with a creamy Sherry sauce
  • Thai cashews tapenade with smoked turkey fillet in a wrap
  • Zucchini roll with half sun dried tomatoes and Serrano ham
  • Japanese seaweed roll with soya flavored roast beef, ginger and cucumber
  • Lemon and thyme marinated chicken skewers (also warm)
  • Spanish chorizo and potato tortillas (also warm)
  • Soya and lime marinated Asian chicken skewers
  • Oven baked dates and plum with bacon (warm)
  • Mini Focaccia BLT with half sun dried tomatoes, ricotta cheese, Parma ham and arugula
  • Green Thai chicken curry canapés

Cold and warm appetizer and canapes

When you are looking for a cold warm combination of appetizers continue here:…. to view warm snack samples for your catering event in Amsterdam.

Delivery of canapes, nibbles and appeitizers in and around Amsterdam

We deliver our nibbles, appetizers and canapes in Amsterdam city and the surrounding areas. Off course you can order drinks, cocktails, waiting staff and anything else you need to get your party organized. If large enough we’ll also organize your reception or event in other parts of the country.

Continue here for a Amsterdam catering proposal with or without staff, drinks, tables and other materials.

More about our catering appetizers and canapes

Need more canapes inspiration? Read about our hot appetizers, party skewers and canapes at home. Need a custom made offer today? Just fill out the catering quote form .

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